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Is Seeing Believing?

Quiz by Jamie Eikenberry

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  • Q1

    Using a computer to change the way a photograph looks is an example of:

    The atmosphere of a photograph.

    Attaining a photograph.

    The attitude of a photograph.

    Altering a photograph.

  • Q2

    Sometimes companies share photos or videos that have been altered. Why would they do this?

    To convince people not to buy something by making it look worse.

    To confuse people.

    To persuade someone to buy something by making it look better.

  • Q3

    Why is it important to know that many photos and videos we see are altered?

    Altered photos and videos can be meant to be funny and not real.

    Some photos and videos are altered to make us change our minds.

    It's important to know whether a photo or video is telling the truth.

    All of the above.

  • Q4

    You are writing a research report about dinosaurs. You find a photo online with a dinosaur and a person in it. You know that dinosaurs and people did not live at the same time! Which of the questions below is helpful to ask about the altered photo?

    How was this photo altered?

    Why was this photo altered?

    Is the altered photo trying to make me believe something?

    All of the above.

  • Q5

    How confident do you feel in understanding why someone might alter a photo or video?

    I feel very confident.

    I feel somewhat confident.

    I do not feel confident.


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