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It all starts from the HEART Review

Quiz by Food Republic

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What is Food Republic Service Mission? 我们的服务使命是什么?
    It starts all over again 一切从新开始
    It all starts from YOU 一切从你开始
    It all starts from the HEART 一切从心开始
    It all starts from US 一切从我们开始
  • Q2
    What is our Service Value? 我们的服务价值是什么?
    Question Image
    Thorough, Sincerity, Confidence 細心、誠心、信心
    Patience, Sincerity, Concern 耐心,诚心,关心
    Patience, Happy, Confidence 耐心,开心,信心
    Patience, Sincerity, Confidence 耐心,诚心,信心
  • Q3
    What is our Service Action? 我们的服务行动是什么?
  • Q4
    What is the definition of Customer? 顾客的定义是什么?
    Customers are always right 顾客永远是对的
    Customer is anyone who needs my help 任何需要我帮助的人就是我们的顾客
    Customer is anyone who is in outlet 在我们门店里面的人才是我们的顾客
    Customer is anyone who spends in our outlet 在门店消费的人才是顾客
  • Q5
    What is the definition of Service? 服务的定义是什么?
    Let customers feel that they have the power of emperor 让顾客感受到自己有皇帝般的权力
    Give anything that customers want 顾客要什么就给什么
    To meet and exceed customer needs and expectations 满足并超越顾客的需求和期望
  • Q6
    What does the logo below the magnifying glass stand for? 放大镜下面的标志代表什么?
    Question Image
    “Ren” is about people and people 以「人」为本
    Everyone is happy 人人开心
    Human meant to be kind. 人心本善
    The power of people 人民力量
  • Q7
    A foreigner came to Hot and Cold to buy a drink. He read the menu for a long time in front of the store. At this time, the cashier stood up and asked the foreigner what kind of drink he wanted to drink. Also, the cashier recommended some drinks that is suitable for the foreigner. His move gave the foreigner an unforgettable impression. Which Service Values does the cashier used? 有天有位外国旅客到了热冷饮料店想来买杯饮料喝, 他在店面前看着菜单停留了许久, 这时候收银台的店员站了出来, 询问这位顾客想喝些什么饮料并且向他推荐自家好喝又适合他的饮料,他的举动给了这位外国旅客深刻的印象 请问这位收银员他做了哪些服务价值?
    Sincerity 诚心
    Confidence 信心
    Patience 耐心
    All the choices are correct 全部皆是
  • Q8
    During peak hour, a crowd is coming to FR outlet for dinner but there are a lot of dirty dishes on the table. The cleaner is not able to manage to clean the dirty dish timely. An OPS came over and ask the customer to wait a second. Then, he started to help the cleaner to clean up the dirty dishes and provide a comfortable dining environment for the customer. Which Service Value does the OPS used? 繁忙时间, 有一大群的人进来我们的食阁准备用餐时, 却看到桌面都是清洁工来不及清理上一位顾客用完的托盘, 有位经理在走场看见这个情况, 他顾客说稍等片刻, 然后立即帮忙清洁工清理桌面, 以及协助顾客有舒适的用餐环境. 请问这位经理使用到哪个服务价值?
    Reassurance 放心
    Sincerity 诚心
    Happy 开心
    Attentive 用心

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