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IT Safety

Quiz by John Bartucz (Mr. B)

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  • Q1
    Which is the correct class of extinguisher for an electrical fire?
  • Q2
    Which statement represents the effects of ESD and EMI
    EMI can harm hardware; ESD can harm data
    EMI can cause injury or death; ESD is less harmful
    ESD can damage hardware; EMI can damage data
    EMI and ESD are identical
  • Q3
    When replacing the power supply in a computer, you should always be grounded with an antistatic wristband.
  • Q4
    A client has a big old CRT monitor. The screen flickers occasionally, no matter what settings you use or buttons you push. The client really likes this monitor and you are pretty sure it's just a loose connection. You should...
    Discard it
    Just open it up and fix it
    Recycle it
    Take it to a certified repair center
  • Q5
    What can you do to protect a PC from a power sag?
    Power supply
    Surge suppressor
  • Q6
    What should you do before moving any electrical equipment
    Power off and disconnect the power cord
    Put on a facemask
    Wear work gloves
    Remove the power supply
  • Q7
    What is the typical environment for an ESD to occur?
    Hot and Dry
    Cold and Humid
    Cold and Dry
    Hot and Humid
  • Q8
    You just received a memory stick in an antistatic bag. What should you do?
    Take it out and put it on an anti-static mat
    Leave the memory in the bag until you are ready to use it
    Take it out and put it on top of the bag
    Place the bag on your head to protect yourself from government mind-reading drones.
  • Q9
    What is a MSDS?
    Master's in Dog Scratching
    Many Strange Dark Salads
    Mandatory Sand Dig Safety
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Q10
    What should you do with old batteries?
    Keep a "battery box" in the office and take it to recycling once a year
    Send them back to the manufacturer
    Dump them in the trash
    Take them to a recycling center in a timely manner

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