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  • Q1
    Which ITIL guiding principle recommends using existing services, processes and tools when improving services?
    A. Progress iteratively with feedback
    D. Focus on value
    C. Start where you are
    B. Keep is simple and practical
  • Q2
    Which practice coordinates the classification, ownership and communication of service requests and incidents?
    A. Supplier management
    B. Service desk
    C. Problem management
    D. Relationship management
  • Q3
    What is warranty?
    C. The functionality offered by a product or service to meet a particular need
    D. The perceived benefits, usefulness and importance of something
    A. Assurance that a product or service will meet agreed requirements
    B. The amount of money spent on a specific activity or resource
  • Q4
    What are 'engage', `˜plan' and `˜improve' examples of?
    B. Service level management
    A. Service value chain activities
    C. Service value chain inputs
    D. Change control
  • Q5
    Which statement about outcomes is CORRECT?
    B. Outcomes are how the service performs
    A. An outcome can be enabled by more than one output
    D. An outcome is a tangible or intangible activity
    C. An output can be enabled by one or more outcomes
  • Q6
    Which statement about service desks is CORRECT?
    D. The service desk should escalate all technical issues to support and development teams
    C. The service desk should remain isolated from technical support teams
    B. The service desk should rely on self-service portals instead of escalation to support teams
    A. The service desk should work in close collaboration with support and development teams
  • Q7
    Which practice updates information relating to symptoms and business impact?
    C. Service request management
    D. Incident management
    B. Change control
    A. Service level management
  • Q8
    Which practice has a purpose to support the quality of the service by handling all agreed user initiated service requests?
    B. IT asset management
    A. Change control
    C. Service desk
    D. Service request management
  • Q9
    Which is NOT a component of the service value system?
    C. Practices
    A. The guiding principles
    B. Governance
    D. The four dimensions of service management
  • Q10
    What is defined as a cause, or potential cause, of one or more incidents?
    C. Known error
    A. Change
    D. Problem
    B. Event
  • Q11
    Which guiding principle recommends eliminating activities that do not contribute to the creation of value?
    B. Collaborate and promote visibility
    C. Keep it simple and practical
    D. Optimize and automate
    A. Start where you are
  • Q12
    Which dimension considers how knowledge assets should be protected?
    C. Information and technology
    D. Value streams and processes
    A. Organizations and people
    B. Partners and suppliers
  • Q13
    What are the ITIL guiding principles used for?
    B. To direct and control an organization
    C. To identify activities that an organization must perform in order to deliver a valuable service
    D. To ensure that an organization's performance continually meets stakeholders' expectations
    A. To help an organization make good decisions
  • Q14
    Which is the CORRECT approach for managing a large improvement initiative as smaller iterations?
    A. Each iteration should be designed before starting the initiative and implemented without feedback
    C. Feedback should be reduced for large improvements as it is unlikely that circumstances will change
    B. Feedback should only be taken into account when one iteration fails to meet its objective
    D. Each iteration should be continually re-evaluated based on feedback
  • Q15
    Which is a service request?
    C. Requesting an enhancement to an application
    A. Requesting a workaround for an issue
    D. Requesting investigation of a degraded service
    B. Requesting information about how to create a document

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