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  • Q1
    What was different about Jackson than the other 6 Presidents before him?
    He was born poor and became a self made man.
  • Q2
    Which Battle did Jackson become famous for in the War of 1812?
    Battle of New Orleans
  • Q3
    What is Jacksonian Democracy?
    The belief that everyone, including the common people should have power in the government.
  • Q4
    What are States Rights?
    A state believed that it had the right to ignore a federal law that it considered Unconstitutional.
  • Q5
    What was the Tariff of Abomination also called?
    Tariff of 1828
  • Q6
    What modern party did Jackson create and ran for in the 1828 Election?
  • Q7
    What Act was passed to remove Native Americans west of the Mississippi River?
    Indian Removal Act of 1830
  • Q8
    What did Jackson do the charter of the Bank of the U.S.?
    He vetoed it because he believed it had too much power and that it only helped the wealthy people
  • Q9
    Who was John C. Calhoun?
    Jackson's Vice President and became one of Jackson's biggest enemy.
  • Q10
    Who was Henry Clay?
    He came up with the Compromise of 1833 (as well as others) which helped to avoid Civil War
  • Q11
    What is the Spoils System?
    Being able to fill many government offices with his friends and supporters.
  • Q12
    What did Jackson think of the Supreme Court's decision in the case of Worcester v. Georgia?
    He ignored it and still forced the Natives to move.
  • Q13
    What was the Trail of Tears?
    It was the Journey of the Cherokees to Oklahoma where over 4000 natives died
  • Q14
    Who was Nicholas Biddle?
    President of the Bank of the US
  • Q15
    Before the election of 1828, what did Jackson do to increase voting?
    Eliminate the requirement to own land to vote.

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