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16 questions
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  • Q1
    Which region of VA was first settled by Europeans?
    Valley and Ridge
    Coastal Plain/TW
    Appalachian Plateau
  • Q2
    England wanted to establish colonies in VA in the 1600s to...
    trade with American Indians
    increase its power and wealth
    start a new religion
    sell England's raw materials
  • Q3
    Which statement describes Jamestown's location in 1607?
    Jamestown is located on a peninsula near the James River
    Jamestown was located on a narrow peninsula bordered on 3 sides by The James River
    Jamestown was bordered on 1 side by the James River
    Jamestown was located on a peninsula bordered on 2 sides by the James River
  • Q4
    The English chose to settle at Jamestown because..
    Chief Powhatan gave the land to the English colonists
    they found gold and silver buried near the shore of the James River
    the water was too shallow for ships to attack the colony
    they believed they had a good supply of drinking water
  • Q5
    In 1607, Jamestown was a peninsula. Jamestown became an island because...
    erosion caused by weather and water wore away the land
    Spanish ships crashed into the peninsula
    battles between the English and Indians created a ditch
    the colonists created the island to be safe
  • Q6
    What was the first elected legislative body in American called?
    The VA Company of London
    The VA Council of Burgesses
    The House of Burgesses
    The Governor's Council
  • Q7
    Membership in the House of Burgesses in 1619 was open to ...
    both free men and free women
    free men and enslaved African Americans
    free women
    free men
  • Q8
    Additional women arrived in Jamestown in..
  • Q9
    Which was NOT a change that resulted in the survival of Jamestown?
    arrival of supply ships
    Emphasis on agriculture
    unsafe drinking water
    forced work program of Captain John Smith
  • Q10
    The following were hardships faced by the Jamestown colonists EXCEPT...
    the men did not have the skills needed to survive
    many settlers died of starvation and disease
    the site they chose to live on was marshy
    the settlers did not know how to read maps
  • Q11
    Why did the native peoples begin to dislike the English settlers?
    the settlers ran out of goods to trade
    the settlers gave the native peoples all the goods they needed
    the English settlers stole all of their food
    The native peoples worried they would lose their land
  • Q12
    The King of England granted charters to the VA Company of London to..
    buy tobacco from the settlers
    avoid having to travel overseas
    pay for the charts and maps used by the settlers
    extend English rights to the settlers
  • Q13
    What did English trade to the native peoples?
    food, furs, and leathers
    leather, canoes, and beads
    tobacco, food, and guns
    tools, pots, and copper
  • Q14
    A settlement in North America would NOT provide England with...
    silver and gold
    a new king
    new markets of trade
    raw materials
  • Q15
    Who would have side 'we must provide them with ships and supplies for the journey and settlement'.
    King James I
    Captain John Smith

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