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Quiz by Spencer Michele

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What statement describes the purpose of this list?
    Question Image
    locate an island free from wild vegetation
    find land that would avoid conflict with native people
    locate an area with many precious metals
    find land situated along buffalo migratory routes
  • Q2
    I was responsible for "saving" the colony of Jamestown. My mantra "He who works not, eats not" became the law of the colony. Who am I?
    Question Image
    John White
    John Smith
    John Rolfe
  • Q3
    Which crop was responsible for turning the Jamestown colony into a million dollar company?
  • Q4
    Which of the following served as a primary motivation for English colonization of the New World?
    fear of failure
    desire to learn about Native American culture.
    The rise of the middle class
  • Q5
    How did the Powhatan Confederacy help the Jamestown colonists?
    The Powhatan showed the colonists how to build better housing with adobe.
    The Powhatan worked as indentured servants on plantations and farms.
    The Powhatan introduced a rare kind of tobacco that became popular in England.
    The Powhatan taught the colonists to grown North American crops such as corn.

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