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January - 2024 - 6th Grade Social Studies Mid-Term

Quiz by jenna

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  • Q1
    1. Why was Mesopotamia a good location to live or settle next to? Use image of the map to explain your answer. (RH1) (there are 2 correct answers- pick just one)
    The Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf was useful for trade.
    To settle near by the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers helped people survive because it provided sources for food.
    The regular flooding along the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers made the land around them especially fertile and ideal for growing crops for food.
  • Q2
    2. ANALYZE the image. What did people living in Mesopotamia use rivers for? (Check all that apply- 3 Answers!)
    Question Image
    diving contests
    drinking water
    transportation routes
    swimming lessons
    agriculture (farms) watering
  • Q3
    3. According to this passage, how did irrigation help farmers in Mesopotamia?
    Irrigation helped farmers with their mood.
    Irrigation helped farmers produce more food.
    Irrigation helped farmers cook.
  • Q4
    4. Make an inference using the previous images (above). Choose the answer that best fits the images. (RH7)
    civilized people lived in small tribes
    civilized people did not get along with un-civilized people
    civilized people did not have to go hunting for food
  • Q5
    6. According to the text, what detail is given to support the idea that the Sumerians were an advanced (well developed) civilization? (The answer must be found IN THE TEXT!) (RH1)
    "The Sumerians were the first group of people to develop a system of written laws."
    "a person who crushed another person’s arms with a club had to pay a fine"
    The Sumerians were very intelligent people.
  • Q6
    7. Based on the quote from Hammurabi which statement supports the reason why he created laws? (RH1)
    Hammurabi wrote the laws so that he could be the most powerful king.
    Hammurabi wrote the laws to protect the weak against the strong.
    Hammurabi wrote the laws to punish everyone.
  • Q7
    8. The 5 themes of geography are:
    The study of the Earth
    Area, Place, Civilizations and People
    Movement, Region, Location, Interaction and Place
  • Q8
    9. A civilization is:
    a complex society that has cities, a government, and workers with specialized jobs
    a place that sits only near a river
    an area that people used to settle in
  • Q9
    10. Irrigation is
    a system of bringing trees to a city-state
    feeling very aggravated
    a system of supplying water to land
  • Q10
    11. An artifact is
    a religion that developed over time
    a person who studies the past
    an object made by a human being that can give us clues about its past
  • Q11
    13. Most of the early river valley civilizations began
    in the South America region
    in North America
    on the continents of Asia and Africa
  • Q12
    14. The Nile River was essential for the development of
    law and government
    the people in Ancient Asia
    the people in Ancient Egypt
  • Q13
    15. Agricultural is the practice of
    chasing animals, hunting them and using them for food supply
    praying and singing for religious purposes
    growing crops and raising animals
  • Q14
    Read the excerpt below and answer question 16: Practical Uses of Fire The earliest humans had the intelligence to recognize that they could use fire for many purposes. Fire provided warmth and light; and kept wild animals away at night. A fire was useful for hunting; hunters with torches could drive a herd of animals over the edge of a cliff. Early humans also learned that they could cook food with fire. Cooking made food taste better and easier to swallow. How would early humans use fire? Sentence starter: Early humans would use fire for...
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