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January Mini Mock Test I

Quiz by zammysoza

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29 questions
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  • Q1
    What if the employee is under preventive suspension, and he wants to file a resignation. What are the grounds of an employer not accepting the filed resignation?
    The employee must give prior notice at least 30 days
    If case was settled amicably with a third party involved
    The employer will not allow it due to its preventive suspension
    An immediate resignation may be possible after 60 days
  • Q2
    A maintenance staff was charged of loafing. He refused to answer the charged filed by his principal within five days from receipt thereof. What could be the effect of his failure to answer the charged?
    He could be liable from the charges filed against him
    He has waived his right thereto
    He would no longer given another chances
    He would no longer be given due process
  • Q3
    Effective school management is observed or measured in many ways. Some of the indicators of good management in schools are stated below EXCEPT:
    Instructional supplies are ordered and arrived on time
    School facilities are in good repair with the help of the stakeholders in improving it
    PTA are involved in academic teaching
    Teachers come to school on time; rarely been absent and receive effective supervision
  • Q4
    Promotion and retention of students shall be by subject. If by the end of the school year, the students are still at the Beginning level, they shall be required to:
    enroll the same subject before he/she graduated
    respect the subject in the current school year
    take summer classes
    take the subject in the succeeding school year
  • Q5
    The PTA President of a certain school had already served for two years and still expecting to be elected on the same position for the third time. He was familiar with the various DepEd Orders but still not convinced. What important provision is stipulat
    two years
    one year
    four years
    three years
  • Q6
    A Grade VI pupil had experienced bullying from his classmates which sometimes caused physical harm. What disciplinary action could the principal impose to remedy the situation?
    Suspension for five days
    Suspension for one week
    Suspension for three days
    Suspension for one month
  • Q7
    As a school principal, you take the lead in promoting the welfare of the community. You believed that the school and the community should work together for the attainment of its goal. What kind of activities should a principal undertake to make this work?
    professional-directed activities
    community - directed activities
    school -directed activities
    national -directed activities
  • Q8
    The acronym APPES means _______
    Accreditation Program for Private Elementary Schools
    Accreditation Program for Public Elementary Schools
    Accreditation Program for Principals of Elementary Schools
    Accreditation Process for Public Elementary Schools
  • Q9
    The DepEd Program that aims to develop its members to become active partners in nation building and to achieve competitiveness and productivity through the different skills in agri-fishery, home economics, Industrial arts and entrepreneurship, is:
  • Q10
    As provided in RA 7160 (Local Government Code) The local School Board has the following functions, EXCEPT one…
    Determine the Annual Supplementary Budget for the operations and maintenance of public schools
    Authorized the Treasurer to disburse funds from the special Education Fund taken from National Budget
    Recommend changes in the name of public school within the territorial jurisdiction of the local government unit for enactment by the Sanggunian.
    Serves as an advisory committee to the Sanggunian on educational matters
  • Q11
    An effective instructional leader is a visible presence who: I. visit classrooms, attends departmental or grade-level meetings II. accessible to discuss matters dealing with instruction III. checks the attendance of the pupils IV. an active participant in
    I, III and IV
    I, II and IV
    II, III and IV
    I, II and III
  • Q12
    Which of the following are the characteristics of effective instructional leadership? I. The principal conceptualizes the AIP and all school projects, implements and make reports II. The principal is seldom seen at the office; he/she is walking about III.
    II, III, IV and V
    I, II, III and V
    I, III, IV and V
    I, II, III, and IV
  • Q13
    Mother Tongue is taught as a separate Learning Area in as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 31, s. 2013.
    Grade 3 and 4
    Grade1and 2
    Kindergarten and Grade I
    Grade 2 and 3
  • Q14
    A teacher has an "Ostrich Complex". She has the habit of handling problems by avoiding them or pretending that they do not exist.
  • Q15
    Teacher Martin is always the last to submit grading sheets in your school. Your teachers always complain that the recording of his students’ performance are inaccurate. What can you do to correct his behavior?
    Talk to the teacher in private and resolve the issue
    Have a dialogue with the teacher and the complainants
    ignore the teacher and avoid further conflict
    Reprimand the teacher

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