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Jefferson Unit Common Assessment

Quiz by Sara Leigh-Manuell

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27 questions
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  • Q1
    What happened in the Election of 1800?
    There was a tie, and the House of Representatives had to decide the winner.
    There was a tie, and the Senate had to decide the winner.
    Aaron Burr and Jefferson both lost the election.
    There was a tie, and the House of Burgesses had to decide the winner.
  • Q2
    What was a major foreign conflict that happened when Madison was president?
    The Whiskey Rebellion
    The War of 1818
    The War of 1812
    The American Revolution
  • Q3
    What was the main idea of the Monroe Doctrine?
    It secured America from further European colonization
    It kept South America open to immigration
    It kept Australia safe from foreign invasion
    It secured Africa from further European colonization
  • Q4
    What was an important treaty to solve a border disagreement when Monroe was president?
    Louisiana Purchase
    The Adams-Onis Treaty
    Treaty of Paris
    Treaty of Versailles
  • Q5
    How did the election of 180 set a precedent for a peaceful transition of power?
    John Adams peacefully stepped down after losing to Thomas Jefferson
    George Washington peacefully stepped down after becoming king
    The election did not change political parties so it was peaceful
    Alexander Hamilton peacefully led the Federalist Party

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