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Jewels of the Shrine, Scenes 2-3

Quiz by Donna Duncan

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  • Q1

    How has Okorie tricked his grandsons?

    He says he will not leave them any of the jewels in his will.

    He says the Stranger will not tell him the contents of the will.

    He told Bassi the correct location, and she found the jewels for Grandfather.

    He knew they were under the bed, so he gave them the wrong location for the treasure and they dug for it all night.

  • Q2

    What is Okorie's motivation for telling his grandsons his will be read two weeks after his burial?

    Okorie wants the Stranger to help him give his grandsons a difficult time for previously being mean to him.

    He wants to change his will to include Okorie.

    He wants to torture his grandsons a little longer by not sharing the jewels.

    He wants to make sure his grandsons give him a proper burial before they get any of the remaining jewels.

  • Q3

    What is the Stranger's role in the play?

    His job it keep the jewels.

    His job is to make sure the grandsons get their jewels in the end.

    His job is to just read the will.

    His job is to make sure the grandsons give Okorie a proper burial before they get the remaining jewels.

  • Q4

    Why do Arob and Ojima suddenly seem to care for Okorie?

    The Stranger has promised they will inherit the jewels.

    Bassi has made them feel terrible about their mistreatment?

    They went to inherit the jewels after he dies.

    They feel guilty for mistreating him all of these years.

  • Q5

    What do Arob and Ojima do to trick Okorie in making him think they care for him?

    Comb his head and beard

    Fan him and scratch his back

    Buy his clothes

    Help him hide the jewels

  • Q6

    Many readers think that Okorie is tricking the grandsons more than they are tricking him?  What theme emerges from this situation?

    The young have more wisdom.

    Give the elderly more credit for being wise and cunning.

    The elderly do crazy things when they become senile and forgetful.

    The old are easily more tricked than the young.

  • Q7

    Scenes 2 and 3 build upon the conflict as Okorie slowly works on seeking revenge.  Which portion of the plot is represented in these events?

    Rising Action



    Inciting Incident

  • Q8

    How does the audience know that Arob and Okorie are not sincere in caring for Okorie?

    When Okorie leaves the room, they discuss how they are going to convince him.

    They try to change the will.

    They try to steal the jewels while Okorie is asleep.

    They tell Bassi and the Stranger.

  • Q9

    Why is Okorie happy in Scene 3?

    Bassi is taking better of him.

    The jewels have made him the richest person in the village.

    His last few months have been pleasant because his grandsons have at least pretended to care him.

    The Stranger has gotten revenge on his grandsons for him.

  • Q10

    What is the subject/topic of this play?






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