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Jnic Character Education Quiz (Being a good learner)

Quiz by Joseph Nicholson

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    What makes a good learner?

    Trying to do the problems the way your teacher showed you.

    Sleeping during math class to make sure you are well rested for later on.

    Copying the problem into google to see if the computer will give you the answer

    Using Photo math whenever possible

  • Q2

    Read the statements and place them in the correct group.

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  • Q3

    What should you do when you first come in class?

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  • Q4

    Copy other students answers on assignments will help you pass the State Test.

    True or False
  • Q5

    Which of the following is a good use of technology in a Math class?

    Taking a screen shot of the answers then retaking the quiz

    Using Desmos Graphing Calculator

    Using Photo Math

    Using Google to see if it will do the problem for you

  • Q6

    Why is Coach Nic giving us the character ed assignment so often?

    He wants to make sure his students understand that cheating hurts more than it helps.

    Having Good character will not take you far in life.

    Coach Nic is a teacher, who deep down wants to be a preacher. LOL

    Coach Nic loves it when student get answers using "math apps", but they  really don't know how to do the problems.

  • Q7

    Where is Coach Nic?

    just skipping school, because he likes to miss work.

    Deep sea diving trying to see if the Megladon Shark really exists.

    In Greenville, SC at the Math Conference finding new ways to help his students learn.

    off the coast of California Surfing.


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