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Journalism Terms

Quiz by Cinco Delgado

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113 questions
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  • Q1
    The first paragraph or first several sentences of a newspaper story (sometimes spelled lede)
  • Q2
    A lead that reports a new development or newly discovered fact. See also soft lead.
    Hard lead
  • Q3
    The big news
    Feature Fact
  • Q4
    The most current news feature in an on-going story
    News Peg
  • Q5
    The first paragraph of a news story in which the writer presents a synopsis of two or more actions rather than focusing on any one of them.
    Summary lead
  • Q6
    The opening paragraph of a story that reports two or more newsworthy elements.
    Multiple element lead/Multi feature Lead
  • Q7
    The opening paragraph of a story in which the "who" is reported by name.
    Immediate identification lead
  • Q8
    Opening paragraph of a story in which the "who" is identified by occupation, city, office, or any means other than by name.
    Delayed identification lead
  • Q9
    A newspaper story beginning that uses humor or an interesting incident about a person.
    Anecdotal lead
  • Q10
    A lead that concentrates on a description of an environment, or paints a picture for the reader.
    Descriptive or scenic lead
  • Q11
    Gives the result, or effect on people, of a news event. Usually used in a news story.
    Impact lead
  • Q12
    A lead that uses a quote, anecdote or other literary device to attract the reader. See also hard lead.
    Soft lead
  • Q13
    Advances the story by reporting a new event in a continuing story (for example, the second death as a result of a fire yesterday).
    Second day lead/News Peg
  • Q14
    A report dealing with the subjects and issues to be dealt with in an upcoming meeting or event.
  • Q15
    A story that looks more deeply into a current news event and provides context, various opinions of experts or critics and possibly speculates on the future.

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