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  • Q1
    The Proclamation of 1763 was intended to
    avoid conflicts with Native American Indians west of the Appalachian Mountains
    allow American farmers to use the Mississippi River
    prevent France from expanding into the Great Lakes region
    outlaw slavery in the Ohio River valley
  • Q2
    The Virginia House of Burgesses and the Mayflower Compact had a similar effect in that both
    reinforced the English Parliament's control over the colonies
    granted absolute authority to the colonial governors
    contributed to the development of representative democracy
    gave settlers the power to establish colonies
  • Q3
    The Mayflower Compact is important to the concept of a democratic society because it represents
    an effort by the colonists to use force to resist the King
    a clear step toward self-government
    an early attempt to establish universal suffrage
    an attempt by the colonists to establish freedom of religion
  • Q4
    The Mayflower Compact, House of Burgesses, and Fundamental Orders of Connecticut are all examples of the efforts of colonial Americans to
    overthrow British royal governors
    protest British land policies
    use democratic practices in government
    establish religious freedom
  • Q5
    What did England do to stop American colonists from moving west?
    issued the Proclamation of 1763
    passed the Tea Act
    held the Boston Tea Party
    killed people in the Boston Massacre
  • Q6
    What was the Quartering Act of 1765?
    It was the declaration that Britain had the right to tax the colonies
    It said colonists had to give British soldiers food and a place to stay
    It was used to punish the colonists in Boston for having the Tea Party
    It said the British could only trade with the American colonies
  • Q7
    What did the Stamp Act tax?
    Paper products, like newspapers and legal documents
    Guns and weapons
  • Q8
    What was the Declaratory Act?
    A declaration from the American colonies to the British that they would not pay any British taxes
    A declaration of war by the British
    A new tax on tea and sugar
    A statement from the British Parliament stating that they had the right to tax the colonies
  • Q9
    The North American colonies took advantage of Great Britain's policy of salutary neglect to
    introduce the practice of slavery into the New World
    establish religious freedom as a fundamental right and representative governments
    establish a standing army
    make favorable territorial settlements with the French
  • Q10
    Great Britain raised taxes on the colonists to pay for
    the French and Indian War
    Revolutionary war
    tobacco from the colonies
  • Q11
    One reason traditions of self-government developed in the American colonies before the French and Indian War was that the British
    maintained a strong military presence in the colonies
    required colonial representation in Parliament
    practiced salutary neglect in the colonies
    sent effective leaders to govern colonial settlements
  • Q12
    American colonists showed their opposition to the British taxation and trade restrictions of the 1760s primarily by
    Question Image
    supporting the French against the British
    overthrowing the royal governors in most of the colonies
    purchasing additional products from Native American Tribes
    boycotting products from Great Britain

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