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Key Terms, Definitions & Effects

Quiz by Coral Brown-Taylor

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a Facial Peel?
    Contains fruit acids that result in a chemical reaction.
    Contains vegetable alkalinity that result in a chemical reaction.
  • Q2
    What does the term Desquamate mean?
    It means to brighten skin on the surface.
    It means to shed skin cells from the surface.
  • Q3
    What does AHA mean?
    Anew Hyaluronic Acids
    Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  • Q4
    What does an Anti-oxidant do?
    Slows down damage to cells.
    Speeds up free radicals in the cells.
  • Q5
    What do the letters SPF mean in terms of a product?
    Sun Protecting Factor which acts to protect skin from too much exposure in the sun.
    Soothing Protective Factor which acts as a catalyst to uv or uvb rays.
  • Q6
    What is an extraction procedure during a facial?
    Removal of comedones or milia from the skin.
    Removal of open pores and papules from the skin.
  • Q7
    What does the term Erythema mean?
    Blood deoxygenating and surface of skin appears pale.
    Blood circulating to surface and skin appears red.
  • Q8
    What does vaso-dilation mean?
    Blood vessels constrict to decrease the blood from the surface of the skin.
    Blood vessels contract to bring blood to the surface of the skin.

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