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Kinetic and Potential Energy Midterm Review

Quiz by Daijah Street

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Kinetic energy is...
    waiting energy
    energy of motion
    stored energy
  • Q2
    Potential energy is...
    moving energy
    stored energy
    energy of motion
  • Q3
    To increase potential energy you must...
    Increase mass
    Increase height
    Increase speed
    Increase mass or speed
  • Q4
    To increase kinetic energy you must...
    Increase mass
    Increase height
    Increase speed
    Increase mass or speed
  • Q5
    Mechanical energy is...
    only potential energy
    The sum of kinetic and potential energy
    only kinetic energy
    The difference in kinetic and potential energy
  • Q6
    Which point on a roller coaster would have the MOST potential energy
    The lowest point
    The highest point
    Going down a hill
  • Q7
    Select the answer that best describes the energy transfer that occurs as the rock falls off the cliff
    Question Image
    The amount of kinetic energy stays the same, while potential energy increases
    As potential energy decreases, kinetic energy increases
    The amount of potential and kinetic energy increases.
    As kinetic energy increases, potential energy decreases
  • Q8
    Which marble will have the most kinetic energy?
    Question Image
    3 g
    6 g
    5 g
    2 g
  • Q9
    What location does the girl have the most potential energy?
    Question Image
  • Q10
    Which of the following is an example of work?
    Sitting in a chair
    Holding weights
    Holding a bag of groceries
    Lifting a bag of groceries

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