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Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy Calculations

Quiz by Martha Fountain

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Stored energy or energy due to position is known as
    Nuclear Energy
    Potential Energy
    Sound Energy
    Kinetic Energy
  • Q2
    Energy of motion is
    Potential Energy
    Electrical Energy
    Chemical Energy
    Kinetic Energy
  • Q3
    Calculate the potential energy of a rock with a mass of 55 kg while sitting on a cliff that is 27 m high.
    14, 553 J
    150 J
    1485 J
    40,095 J
  • Q4
    Calculate the kinetic energy of the rock with a mass of 20 kg as it rolls down the hill with a velocity of 8 m/s.
    160 J
    1568 J
    1280 J
    640 J
  • Q5
    What potential energy is acquired by a hammer with a mass of 0.75 kg when raised 0.35 m?
    2. 57 J
    0.09 J
    2.14 J
    0.26 J
  • Q6
    Determine the kinetic energy developed by a 5 kg mass traveling a velocity of 3.5 m/s.
    17.5 J
    171.5 J
    61.3 J
    30.6 J
  • Q7
    Determine the potential energy of a 75 kg refrigerator that is located 300 m above ground.
    220, 500 J
    4 J
    22, 500 J
    675, 000 J
  • Q8
    You serve a volleyball with a mass of 2.5 kg. The ball leaves your hands at 30 m/s. Determine the volleyball's kinetic energy.
    2250 J
    1125 J
    695 J
    75 J
  • Q9
    The crate has a weight of 98 N. Determine the crate's potential energy when it is 75 m above ground.
    551, 250 J
    7350 J
    72, 030 J
    200 J
  • Q10
    Calculate the kinetic energy of 40 kg mass traveling 15 m/s.
    9000 J
    4500 J
    24, 000 J
    12, 000 J
  • Q11
    Kinetic energy depends on
    mass and velocity
    velocity and height
    mass and height
    weight and height
  • Q12
    Potential energy depends on
    mass and velocity
    height and acceleration
    mass and height
    velocity and height

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