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King phillips war

Quiz by Delaney Meyer [Gibson MS]

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Who was the leader of the Wampanoag tribe during King Philip's War?
    Metacom (King Philip)
    Sitting Bull
  • Q2
    Which year did King Philip's War take place?
  • Q3
    What was the primary cause of King Philip's War?
    Tensions over land and resources
    Trade imbalances
    Religious differences
    Political disputes
  • Q4
    What was the outcome of King Philip's War?
    Native American defeat and loss of land
    Native American victory
    Treaty of reconciliation
    English colonists surrender
  • Q5
    What was the significance of King Philip's War?
    It marked one of the bloodiest and most destructive conflicts in early American history.
    It sparked the formation of the Jamestown Settlement.
    It resulted in a lasting peace agreement between the Native Americans and the English colonists.
    It led to the establishment of the New England Confederation.
  • Q6
    What was the primary goal of the English colonists during King Philip's War?
    To promote religious freedom for all settlers
    To secure exclusive trading rights with Native American tribes
    To assert dominance and maintain control over the New England territories
    To establish peaceful coexistence with Native American tribes

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