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King Tutankhamun

Quiz by Chante Moagi

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  • Q1

    What was King Tut's coffin made out of?  (1)

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  • Q2

    What does it mean when a curse does not differentiate?  (1)

    This mean that the curse does not know who is who.  

    This means that the curse does not choose who it affects. 

    This means that the curse cannot tell the difference. 

  • Q3

    Why does the text use "possibly" and not "he is the grandson". (2)

    This is because he might not be the grandson or son.

    The text used possibly to show that they are assuming this.

    The text does not know if he is the grandson or son.

  • Q4

    Why were pharaohs buried with their treasures? (1) 

    For them to have those riches in their afterlife

    To hide them from tomb robbers

    To make sure that nobody steals them

  • Q5

    What does 'funerary treasure' mean? (2)

    Funerary treasures are objects that are found in the coffin of pharaohs.

    Funerary treasures are objects that are buried or placed with a person's body as part of a funeral or burial ritual. 

    Funerary treasures are gold that are buried with pharaohs.

  • Q6

    Mention all the things King Tut took on his journey to the great beyond? (2)

    Glittering goods, precious collars, necklaces and sandals.

    Glittering goods, precious collars, bracelets and sandals.

    Goods, precious collars, necklaces and shoes.

  • Q7

    State where the following question is true or false.  (1)

    Lord Carnarvon's dog was killed the same way as him.



  • Q8

    Why do pharaohs have a curse after they die?  (2)

    The curse of pharaohs happened because they did not want to be taken out of their hidden tombs.

    They cursed anyone who wanted to steal their treasures. 

    The curse of the pharaohs is a curse alleged to be cast upon anyone who disturbs the mummy of an ancient Egyptian, especially a pharaoh.

  • Q9

    What does it mean when they say "likelihood" (2)

    It means that it can be true but until proven 

    It means that it will happen but not now

    It means that there is a possibility 

  • Q10

    Why do you think Howard Carter lived a decade after the major discovery?  (2)

    He did not believe in the curse that is why he lived for a decade 

    The curse did not affect him, there is no proven facts about this 

    The curse liked Howard Carter


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