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Kingdoms of Western Europe

Quiz by Amanda Barcellos

Grade 7
Social Studies
California Public Schools Standards

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33 questions
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  • Q1

    After the fall of Rome, what did the rulers of the new states created in Europe  begin to call themselves?





  • Q2

    How was Europe divided in the early 500s?

    Into many small empires

    Into many small kingdoms

    Into one united country

    Into two large kingdoms

  • Q3

    What is another name for the Middle Ages?

    The Byzantine Period

    The ancient period

    The Medieval Period

    The modern period

  • Q4

    Who helped spread Christianity farther north during the Middle Ages?

    Merchants and Traders

    Artists and Musicians

    Missionaries and Monks

    Warriors and Kings

  • Q5

    What did the monk St. Benedict renounce (give up) in order to dedicate his life to God?

    His physical relationships

     His families riches

    His position as king

    His power as warlord

  • Q6

    What were the three vows in monasticism?

    Love, hope, and faith

    Wealth, power, and fame

    Chastity, poverty, and obedience

     Freedom, independence, and self-expression

  • Q7

    Who controlled the largest and strongest of Europe's kingdoms after the fall of the Roman Empire?

    The Franks

    The Muslims

    The English

    The Germans

  • Q8

    Who defeated Muslim raiders from Spain at the Battle of Tours in 732?

    Pepin the short



    Charles Martel

  • Q9

    Who was known as Charlemagne or Charles the Great?




    Pepin the Short

  • Q10

    What did Charlemagne do through his conquests?

    Reunited western Europe

    Both A and B

     None of the above

    Spread Christianity

  • Q11

    How did Charlemagne strengthen his royal power?

    By visiting every part of his kingdom and keeping a close watch on the management of his huge estates

    By limiting the authority of the nobles

    By sending out royal agents to govern his empire

    All of the above

  • Q12

    What was one of Charlemagne's greatest accomplishments?

     Conquering new lands

     Encouraging learning

    Becoming the most powerful king in western Europe

    Building an empire larger than ancient Rome

  • Q13

    Who crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor?

    Pope Leo III

    Louis the Pious

    The Byzantine Empire

    A German king

  • Q14

    How did Charlemagne's empire change after his death?

    All of the above

    Central authority broke down and kings lost power

    A new system of governing and land holding was established

    Charlemagne's sons fought for control of the empire

  • Q15

    What were the Vikings known for?

    Being fierce pirates from Scandinavia

     Fighting against Charlemagne's empire

    Raiding towns and monasteries and taking prisoners to sell into slavery

    All of the above


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