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Kitoto the Mighty Part 2 1-4

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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  • Q1

    Which of these events from the story causes the river to consider giving Kitoto help to find the most powerful being?

    Kitoto tells the river that he is Kitoto the Mighty, Master of the Savanna.

    The river sends Kitoto to the Sun to get protection.

    Kitoto intimidates the river into helping him.

    Kitoto tells the river that he is not strong and needs protection.

  • Q2

    In paragraph 27 on page 88, the most likely reason  Kitoto says "Your home? You built all this?" is that he-

    wants to live with Kigego forever

    knows that he should steal from Kigego

    realizes that the most powerful being is small like him

    does not want to accept what Kigego has accomplished through hard work 

  • Q3

    The conversation between Kitoto and the Mountain in paragraphs 18 through 19 suggests that the mountain is-

    uncertain about who the most powerful being is 

    ashamed that he is not the most powerful being

    worried about Kitoto's safety

    disappointed that he is never going to see the most powerful being

  • Q4

    In paragraph 18 on page 84 what does the word "majestic" mean in the story?



    not beautiful



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