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KMS3064 Getting Back on Track after MCO

Quiz by siti abdullah

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  • Q1
    What is the main purpose of Human Resource Development efforts?
    To improve work performance
    To retain valuable employees
    To keep employees happy and satisfied
    To invest in training and development
  • Q2
    The three (3) main areas of HRD are training and development, organizational development and ...
    recruitment and selection
    talent management
    career development
    behaviour development
  • Q3
    All the following characteristics refer to SHRD EXCEPT:
    planned and integrated in all organisational aspects
    focus on long-term goals of the organisation
    aligned and help to achieve targeted business results
    focus on the operational HR responsibilities in the organisation
  • Q4
    A strategy has four (4) components: purpose, plan, actions and ....
    accurate outcomes.
    important results.
    measurable goals.
    valuable feedback.
  • Q5
    What do you call the type of strategy you implement in reaction to changing situations?
    deliberate strategy
    emergent strategy
    unrealized strategy
    realized strategy
  • Q6
    The following are examples of external triggers of SHRD EXCEPT...
    internationalization of business
    greater workforce diversity
  • Q7
    What is the name of this SHRD Approach: to examine the organisation's internal strength and weaknesses and to project and visualize future trends and their implications>
    Rifle Approach
    Top-down Approach
    Artificial Experience Approach
    Performance Diagnosis Approach
  • Q8
    What is the main difference between the SHRD model proposed by Garavan (1991) and McCracken and Wallace (1999)?
    related to HRM
    the number of characteristics
    involvement of top management
    the creation of a learning culture
  • Q9
    What is the last step in the SHRD process proposed by Rothwell & Kazanas (1994)?
    Evaluate HRD
    Compare the present SWOT
    Implement organizational strategy
    Scan the external environment
  • Q10
    According to ASTD (2004) and Noe (2010), the following are among the four (4) unique roles of HR practitioners EXCEPT...
    Business Partner
    Professional Trainer
    Project Manager
    Learning Strategist

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