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Knife safety quiz

Quiz by Mackenzie Last

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  • Q1

    What is the key to knife safety

    cut only with the tips

    always store them point down

    wash them in the dishwasher

    Always keep your knives sharp

  • Q2

    Shaquille needs to remove the skin and cut up a cantaloupe. Which knife would be most appropriate for the task?

    Chefs knife

    Utility knife

    Serrated knife

    Paring knife

  • Q3

    What is the alternate name for a chef knife?

    French Knife

    Chef Knife

    German knife

  • Q4

    What is the claw

    The safest way to hold a butchers knife

    the position  for the guiding hand when using a knife

    a butcher knife that will cut through any type of food

    A specialized paring knife that removes the tough part of meat

  • Q5

    The best way to cut fruits and vegtables

    divide into quarters, then thinly slice

    cut in half, put cut (flat) part on board and continue cutting.

    peel or remove skin, slice into mouth-sized pieces.

    cut off the stem end and slice into thin pieces

  • Q6

    Tiana is planning to cut fruit for breakfast. How can she stabilized her cutting board?

    Set the cutting board over one side of the sink to prevent tipping.

    Wash the counter top, then put the cutting board on the damp counter.

    Set heavy objects on the cutting board to prevent slipping.

    Put a flat, damp kitchen towel between the counter and the cutting board.

  • Q7

    Why is having at least two cutting boards essential?

    It reduces the number of times that a cutting board must be washed.

    it reduces the need to sanitize cutting boards.

    It gives more people in the kitchen the opportunity to participate in food preparation.

    It reduces the risk of cross-contamination when preparing different types of foods.

  • Q8

    Emily received kitchen knives for her birthday. In order to keep them sharp for a long time, where should knives be stored?

    on top of the refrigerator, out of the way of children

    in a block on the counter

    in a drawer

    under the sink in a knife bin

  • Q9

    What is the best way to wash knives?

    they only need to be washed after cutting meat

    in the dishwasher

    as soon as they have been used

    after the other dishes have been washed

  • Q10

    What is the best way to cut with your knives

    using a rocking motion

    with the tip of the knife only

    with the center part only

    cut and lift, and cut and lift

  • Q11

    Always use a ________ knife.

    Question Image





  • Q12

    A dull knife is safer than a sharp knife?

    Question Image
    True or False
  • Q13

    This knife is used to chop and mince food.

    Question Image

    chefs knife

    serrated bread knife

    paring knife

  • Q14

    This knife is used to peel fruits and veggies, and create garnishes.

    Question Image

    chefs knife

    Paring Knife

    serrated knife

  • Q15

    This knife is 7-9 inches long and lined with small teeth

    Question Image

    Serrated bread knife

    chefs knife

    Paring knife


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