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Know electrical safety requirements when working in the building services industry

Quiz by Ricky Fleet

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    The MAIN purpose of a Residual Current Device is to...
    Measure any voltage decrease in an electrical curcuit
    Measure any voltage increase in an electrical circuit
    Allow a plumber to work safely on a live supply
    Isolate the electrical supply in the event of any current leakage
  • Q2
    All 110 V and 230 V electrical power tools must have a regular...
    Inspection by a Health and Safety officer
    Portable appliance test (PAT)
    Multimeter test
    IEE 16th edition wiring test
  • Q3
    The recommended safe maximum voltage when using an electrical inspection lamp on a construction site is...
    240 volts
    110 volts
    55 volts
    220 volts
  • Q4
    An RCD is a device that provides a high level of protection in the event of an electrical failure. RCD stands for...
    Residual cut-off device
    Rapid cut-off device
    Residual current device
    Rapid current device
  • Q5
    Which one of the following should be used to separate a colleague from a live electrical supply?
    Scaffold tube
    Dry wrecking bar
    Gloved hands
    Piece of dry wood
  • Q6
    The HSE recommends that portable electrical equipment used on a construction site should be inspected and tested by a competent person every...
    12 months
    4 months
    6 months
    3 months
  • Q7
    Which of the following electrical power tools is the safest to use on a construction site?
    415 volt
    240 volt
    110 volt
    Cordless tool
  • Q8
    The safest method of providing temporary lighting for work locations in an area of a building under construction, is by a...
    110v temporary electrical supply
    240v temporary electrical supply
    Three phase electrical supply
    Several paraffin lamps
  • Q9
    Safety regulations identify that before using an electric drill it must be...
    Lubricated at the motor bushes to run correctly
    Visually inspected for signs of damage
    Checked to establish that it is rated at 450v
    Stripped down and serviced by the user
  • Q10
    Before working on an electrical system, it must be...
    Safely connected
    Safely isolated
    Properly earthed
    Confirmed as live
  • Q11
    An individual appears to have suffered an electric shock and may still be in contact with the electric supply. The correct course of action is to...
    Take a firm hold of the casualty by the hand or arm and pull gently to remove him/her from the supply
    Try to turn the casualty over on his/her side into the recovery position, before taking any further action
    Try to remove the casualty from the electrical supply by pulling him/her away using a piece of non-conductive material such as wood
    Shout for help and try to locate the main switch for the electrical supply, in order to turn off the power
  • Q12
    Which one of the following can be checked for correct operation by pressing a button on the front of the device?
    Residual current device
    Full face mask
    Thermostatic radiator valve
    LPG blow torch
  • Q13
    If a piece of electrical equipment suffers damage should you?
    Use the tool as normal but be careful to keep hands away from danger
    Ignore the damage as it would cost too much to replace
    Make a temporary repair with electrical insulation tape and keep using it
    Immediately take the tool out of commission until it is repaired
  • Q14
    When drilling into walls, what should you ALWAYS check for?
    Hidden treasure
    Buried/hidden cavities
    What is on the other side of the wall
    Buried/hidden electrical cables

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