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Know your self worth

Quiz by Anuradha

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    What is self-esteem?
    Your age
    confidence in yourself
    the way you look
    Confidence in other people
  • Q2
    What is a symptom of positive self-esteem?
    Thinking others are better than you
    Being unable to trust others
    Hating yourself
    Recognizing your own strengths and accepting your own weaknesses
  • Q3
    When I compare myself to other people:
    I usually feel bad about myself.
    I usually feel good about myself.
    I usually feel OK about myself.
  • Q4
    When it comes to being perfect:
    I don't worry about it – I just try to do my best.
    Other people expect me to be perfect – so if I'm not, I feel like I'm letting them down.
    put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect – I have to be the best at things.
  • Q5
    When I make a mistake:
    I try to fix things. But if I can't, I try to move on and plan to do better next time.
    I usually give up. If I think I won't do well at something, I'd rather not try.
    I usually don't like to admit it.
  • Q6
    When I meet new people:
    I don't always let them see the real me.
    I usually expect they'll like me and accept me for who I am.
    I usually worry about rejection.

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