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31 questions
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  • Q1
    What resources do we use to fulfill a dining reservation request?
    We have no official resources
    Shoretrips, Viator, Ensemble
    Ticketmaster, Shubert, Google
    Opentable, Sevenrooms, and Insight
  • Q2
    What must we read to a CM for every ticket purchase?
    Travel Planning Agent
    Ticket Processing Agreement
    Ticket Purchase Agreement
    Travel Protection Assurance
  • Q3
    When must we state the outbound call disclosure?
    On voicemail only
    On any outbound call to a non-AMEX department, when a new caller comes on the line, or when put on speakerphone
    On all calls, inbound and outbound
  • Q4
    What is the service that Concierge can provide?
    Online Auctions
    Adult Services
    Medical Suggestions
    Dining Suggestions
  • Q5
    Where can you find the Do Not Call restaurants?
    SharePoint or Insight
    There are no Do Not Call restaurants
    AMEX Website
    Only the Dining Team knows
  • Q6
    You purchase two tickets for a show at the Barrymore Theatre in New York City for a Card Member. The seats are located in the left front mezzanine, row B, seats 1&3. Seat 3 is an aisle seat.
  • Q7
    Of the restaurants listed below, which group is the Dining Team responsible for contacting?
    Babbo, La Grenouille & Nobu
    French Laundry, Sushi Yasuda & Nobu
    Bâtard, Carbone & Il Mulino
    None of the above
  • Q8
    What are some of the Dining Benefits afforded to our CMs?
    American Express Platinum Dining Reservation Program, Concierge access through Sevenrooms
    Members Only Preferred Dining Program, Premium Seats
    Best Seat In The House, Best Plate on the Table
    We have no special benefits
  • Q9
    What are the main questions on the VoCM survey?
    Likeliness to call us back, Rate Service on a scale of 1-12
    Time on Call, Efficiency of Representative
    Recommend To a Friend, Excellent, First Call Resolution
    No specific questions, just free-text box
  • Q10
    The Guggenheim is located in what city?
    New York
    Las Vegas
  • Q11
    Who should service a Platinum Cardmember that is an additional off of a Centurion Basic?
    They are not eligible for Concierge
  • Q12
    What is the best response when a card member asks you to verify any demographic data that we have on file?
    "Sure, it is..."
    "No, I am sorry I cannot"
    "I would need to read you another security question"
    "For security, I would need you to verify that for me please"
  • Q13
    What security question should you ask an ACA?
    Security Question Generated in AESP
    Business Phone Number or Billing Address
    None of these
    CID on the card
  • Q14
    What are the options in the caller dropdown that potentially have access to Concierge?
    Unauthorized Caller, Spouse
    Basic, Additional, AMC, No Caller
    Power of Attorney, AA, Basic
    Authorized Booking Agent, AM-Full, AM-Limited
  • Q15
    You receive a call from Justine Bieber who is an Account Manager-Concierge and listed as such in the caller drop down. Before you ask a security question to Justine, what other identifying question must you ask?
    The business phone number associated with the account
    The security key on the account
    The name of the CM as is appears on the card
    Justine's Card number

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