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Kurth Class Policies

Quiz by Jennifer Kurth

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  • Q1

    What is the first thing you do upon entering science class?

    Start bellwork.

    Put your bag and electronic devices in designated area. 

    Hang out and socialize until the warning bell.

    Go to the restroom.

  • Q2

    When is it most likely Ms. Kurth will allow restroom breaks? 

    When you have had your head down and not completed any work. 

    Within the first and last 10 minutes of class.

    When the majority of your work is complete and you have an available Castle pass. 

    During instructions or directions. 

  • Q3

    When is it possible to use your personal electronic device during class? 

    Typically the last 10 minutes of class. 

    Typically during independent practice. 

    Typically during labs or team work. 

    Typically whenever I want, because I won't get caught. 

  • Q4

    Which of the following is allowed during labs or group work when in lab area?  

    Using personal electronic devices. 

    Eating or drinking. 

    Asking Ms. Kurth if you can grab a highlighter from your backpack. 

    Sitting on the lab tables. 

  • Q5

    EHS's Academic Integrity policy states cheating is defined as: 

    I can copy and share another's work as long as I change the font color. 

    Inappropriate or deliberate distribution or use of an electronic device , information, notes, materials or work of another person in the completion of an academic exam, test, or assignment in an online or traditional course. 

    I can copy and share another's work and share it with others as long as I create my own document and change the name. 

    I can copy and share another's work because we worked in the same group. 

  • Q6

    If you are absent, it is ok to wait until you return to ask for make up work. 




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