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L5 Unit 3 grammar simple past, past perfect and past perfect continuous

Quiz by Andrea Arguelles

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Mary ___________________ (give) me Tony's address before she left
    have giving
    had give
    had given
    have given
  • Q2
    When the boys arrived at the cinema, the film ___________________ (already, start).
    started already
    has already started
    has starting
    have started
  • Q3
    Before we reached the station we saw that we ___________________ (lose) our way.
    had lost
    have lost
    is losting
  • Q4
    All the tickets ___________________ (be) sold before the concert began
    had solding
    has solding
    have been
    had been sold
  • Q5
    They took a shower after they ___________________ (finish) the game.
    has finished
    had finished
  • Q6
    I asked Mr Green how many books he ___________________ (read)
    is read
    have reading
    have been reading
    had read
  • Q7
    Mum asked me why I ___________________ (not tidy) up my room
    had not tiding
    has tidy
    had not tided
    have not tidy
  • Q8
    Bob was sorry that he ___________________ (told) me the story.
    has telling
    have tell
    had told
    had tolding
  • Q9
    Alan watched TV after he ___________________ (have) lunch.
    had had
    has had
    had has
    have had
  • Q10
    The sun ___________________ (shine) yesterday after it ___________________ (be) cold for many weeks.
    shines, had were
    shones, had was
    shone, been
    shone, had been
  • Q11
    After I ___________________ (finish) the report, I saw that it ___________________ (be) too late
    have finished, are
    had finishing, is
    had finished, was
    has finished, is
  • Q12
    When he ___________________ (paint) the kitchen he ___________________ (decide) to have a rest.
    had painted, decided
    had paint
    have painted
    has painting
  • Q13
    She told me that she ___________________ (work) in Germany.
    has work
    has working
    had worked
    had works
  • Q14
    When I ___________________ (get) to the park I found out that I ___________________ (lose) my keys.
    find.has lost
    founding, has losting
    found, have lose
    found, has lost
  • Q15
    It ___________________ (be) Freddy who ___________________ (clean) the room
    was, had cleanning
    were, cleaning
    was, had cleaned
    were had to clean

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