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Lab Safety Quiz

Quiz by Ashley Brady

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Your partner burns themselves on a hot ring in the lab. What should you do?
    Say nothing so you don't get in trouble
    Notify the teacher
    Get burn salve from the first aid kit and treat it
    Go to the school nurse
  • Q2
    You remove your goggles just as the group at the station next ot yours drops a test tube full of potassium hydroxide. A drop splashes into your eye and the burning sensation is immdiate. What should you do?
    Rinse your eye out at the sink and then go to the eye wash station
    Yell for the teacher
    Go directly to the eye wash station and start rinsing
    Stand under the safety shower and pull the handle down for a quick rinse
  • Q3
    Your teacher has set out a small beaker of the chemical sodium bicarbonate at the weighing table with a balance. The directions in the lab indicate that you need to get 4 g of it, but you accidentally get 5 g. What should you do?
    Nothing. 5g and 4g aren't that different.
    Dump the 5g sample into the trash and start again.
    Remove the excess and put it back into the original container
    Remove the excess and dump it into the waste container
  • Q4
    Which of these can lead to inaccurate data?
    Putting a warm beaker on the electronic balance
    Leaving trash in the sink
    Not putting the goggles in the cabinet neatly
    Not tying your apron
  • Q5
    Goggles aren't designed to be comfortable. What are they designed for?
    Protect your contacts
    To protect your face form chemical splashes
    Isolate your eyes so chemical cannot make contact with mucous membranes
    Reduce the opportunity for breathing issues
  • Q6
    Why are there no stools or chairs in a chemistry lab?
    Chairs and stools are expensive and this saves money
    It's good for you to stand part of the day
    Falling over a stool or chair that isn't pushed in could cause injury
    You'd be trapped in place in the event of a chemical or hot liquid spill
  • Q7
    During a lab, you discover that the container of sodium hydroxide is empty and you need 1.5g of it. What should you do?
    Tell the teacher that more is needed.
    Have your lab group join up with another group and just do the lab.
    Go into the supply room and get a fresh bottle.
    Ask a group near you to split theirs with you.
  • Q8
    You accidentally break a test tube as you are setting up a lab. Now what?
    Brush the pieces off the table andinto the container with your lab sheet
    Get a dust pan and broom and sweep the pieces into the special container
    Put the pieces into the trash
    Tell the teacher so they can put the pieces in the trash
  • Q9
    You are working safely in the lab when you notice that a student in the group next to you is on fire. The sleeve on her shirt has caught on fire as she moved her hand near the Bunsen burner. What should you do?
    Grab the fire extinguisher, pull the pin, and use it to smother the flames
    Yell, "Fire!" grab the fire blanket, roll her up in it and smother the flame.
    Fill a beaker with water and throw it on the flames.
    Yell, "Fire!" and wait for the teacher to arrive
  • Q10
    Which of these is true of working in the chemistry lab?
    You should be respectful of everything
    Any dangerous materials will be clearly labeled
    You need to be afraid of everything
    All chemicals we use in high school are harmless
  • Q11
    The only reason to use the safety shower is
    several people are splashed with a chemical
    catastrophic chemical contamination
    if you get chemicals in your eyes
    you've gotten hot and sweaty under your goggles
  • Q12
    When it comes to glassware...
    all of the above
    don't pick it up if it breaks (let the teacher do it)
    dispose of it in the correct container
    don't use if it's chipped/cracked
  • Q13
    Never work without
    good music
    adult supervision
    a buddy
    a snack
  • Q14
    During lab, what od you do first?
    Get the fire extinguisher
    Read all directions
    Wash your hands
    Gather your materials
  • Q15
    If there is an accident, injury, or close call, who should you tell immediately?
    your teacher
    no one
    your lab partner
    your parents

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