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Laboratory Tests and Procedures

Quiz by Tiyanna Robinson

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  • Q1
    A MA has performed a CBC on a patient and forgot to document the patient information on the tube before finishing the next patient HCG test she remembers as she place both tubes in the holder what should she do
    reschedule patients for a blood draw
    test the blood type to determine which patient it belongs to
    tell patients that the blood test was inconclusive
    depose of the tubes and make a report
  • Q2
    A patient is taking a eye exam and they are leaning forward why should you instruct them to lean back
    They will fail the test
    They will hurt their back
    It indicates that they are getting light headed
    The test results will not be correct
  • Q3
    A MA is explaining the medication to a patient how should the MA make sure the patient understands?
    Can you repeat to me what i just explained?
    Are you following what i am saying?
    Can you explain to me your condition?
    Do you have any questions?
  • Q4
    After a blood specimen is collected how should it be properly sealed to be transported to its next location?
    Placed in a approved red bag then in a bio-hazard container with a cooler to reduce clotting
    Place in a sharps container
    Placed in a bio-hazard bag, then upright in a approved container
    Placed upright in a leak-proof bio-hazard bag.
  • Q5
    A patient CC states that they were having shortness of breath and chest pain. What equipment would be used when the patient gets a test for their conditions?
  • Q6
    What region is a allergy test performed ?
  • Q7
    During a appointment visit the patient asks the MA for the results. How should the MA respond.
    The physician is very busy and they will email you the results.
    The physician will come in shortly and give you the results.
    Your results are not good for me to speak on them.
    I am not allowed to tell you your results.
  • Q8
    how are you going to do on the CERT?
    My Best

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