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Las Reglas en la Clase de Español - Rules in Spanish Class

Quiz by Araceli Fernandez

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20 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the first thing you must do when you arrive to class?

    Place my cell phone in corresponding cell phone parking lot slot.

    Check my messages.

    Place my cell phone in the back of the room.

    Go to the bathroom.

  • Q2

    How many people can be out of class with a pass?





  • Q3

    If there is something wrong with my computer station in the lab, I need to ____ .

    fix the problem before my teacher finds out

    move to another computer station

    notify my teacher about the problem before I do anything else

    don't say anything and pretend everything is fine

  • Q4

    What is our assigned day to go to the language lab?

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  • Q5

    If you need or want to go to the restroom, you ask "¿...?"

    ¿Puedo ir al baño?

    ¿Ir al baño?

    al baño?

    ¿Puedo baño?

  • Q6

    Place the following rules in the corresponding category. If the rule applies to both settings, put the rule in the "Both" category.

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  • Q7

    You can do all of these things in class except ______.

    Participate in class.

    Place your phone in the cell phone parking lot.

    Wait for the bell to ring at the door or in front of the room to leave class. 

    Pay attention to directions and instructions.

  • Q8

    I can get up and use my phone in the middle of class.

    True or False
  • Q9

    Do I have to complete the assignments I miss if I'm absent?

    Yes, it's my responsibility.

    No, assignments don't count when I'm absent.

  • Q10

    I can use the restroom pass to go to the office.

    True or False
  • Q11

    If I am absent, what do I do to see if I need to make up an assignment.

    Nothing, teachers don't assign work when I'm absent.

    Ask my friends that are taking the same class; they're the best source of information.

    I need to go to Schoology and check the corresponding folder for the week and day(s) I miss.  It's my responsibility.

  • Q12

    What I need to bring to class is _____?

    pen or pencil

    notebook (spiral), composition book, or folder with brads

    charged Chromebook or laptop

    All options

  • Q13

    If you want to retake an exam, what do you have to do before you're allowed to retake it?

    Attend at least one  or two tutoring sessions.

    Bribe Sra. Fernandez with some coffee.

    Stay after school to retake it.

    Show up the next day to retake it.

  • Q14

    Drinks are allowed in class only if they are _____.

    from McDonald's 

    in an airtight close container

    from Sonic

  • Q15

    When does Sra. Fernandez offer tutoring?

    Tuesday and Wednesday after school

    Tuesday after school and Thursday before school

    Monday-Thursday in the morning before school


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