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Last Book in the Universe (Chap. 16, pages 108-115)

Quiz by Donna Duncan

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the purpose of imagery surrounding the description of Lotti's razor blade nails?

    It shows why Ryter is afraid of her.

    It shows why she is a worse latch boss than Billy Bizmo.

    It establishes Spaz's tone for why he fears her.

    It shows that her personality is not as scary as her looks.

  • Q2

    What can one infer about Lotti being called the White Widow?

    She hates everyone and is cruel.

    "White" means peace, so she is not as bad she seems.

    She is like a spider who kills her mates, also leaving her a widow without a man.

    Her husbands get killed by fighting with her group, the Vandals.

  • Q3

    What is the purpose of the following simile and imagery?:  "The Vandals rev their jetbikes so loud it makes the air feel feel thick as jelly.  So loud you can almost see the noise shimmering."

    To compare this scene to the one when Ryter saves Lanaya

    To show that the Vandals are not as scary as Lotti

    To let the reader "feel" how confusing and overwhelming the situation for Spaz

    To let the reader "feel" how the scene does not worry or bother Spaz

  • Q4

    Which of the follow lines DOES NOT show Spaz's fearful tone towards the Vandals?

    "The Vandals are all grinning in that hard, mean way they have, like they can't wait to hurt something."

    "Vandals armed to the teeth with splat guns and gut-rippers, and armor-piercing crossbows."

    "We couldn't have made ourselves heard over the air-shaking rumble of the jetbikes,...earsplitting cheer of the Vandals."

    "Several of them nod and glance at use as they talk among themselves."

  • Q5

    What does Spaz mean by the simile that Lotti gets off her jetbike "like she's mounting a throne in her stabheel boots" when Lanaya argues with her?

    She is shorter than Layana, so she wants to intimidate her. 

    She is afraid of Lanaya since she is from Eden.

    She is the queen of her latch and not even a proov will challenge her.

    She is in danger of losing her latch.

  • Q6

    What is Lotti's tone when she says the following?:  "Come out or I'll firebomb this vehicle with you in it."





  • Q7

    What does Ryter use a respectful tone with Lotti when he says, "I can explain, my lady."?

    He does not mean any respect, and he is being sarcastic. 

    He is talking down to Lotti.

    He is showing respect for her authority so she will be less angry.

    He is trying to teach her a lesson like he does Spaz.

  • Q8

    Which of the following can one NOT INFER about Billy once being a former luvmate of Lotti's?

    He has to be tough to have not been killed by the White Widow.

    Billy probably tried to take the latch from her.

    She might have found him equal or worthy enough not to kill. 

    She might have respected Billy more than her other luvmates.

  • Q9

    What is Lotti's tone when she says the following to Ryter?:  "Do as I command, old man.  Bring me the probe runner!  Do it or die!"





  • Q10

    What is Spaz's tone when he tells Lotti he will do anything to get to Spaz?






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