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Last Book In the Universe, Chap. 26

Quiz by Donna Duncan

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  • Q1

    What terms represents how Spaz says Ryter is crazy "thinking he can change the world by writing things down in a book no one will ever read?"





  • Q2

    What is Spaz's tone when Ryter says that his story has a happy ending by getting Bean to Eden?

    Proud he has saved Bean

    Doubtful/Skeptical of his hero status

    Pleased he has helped Ryter with his book

    Excited he has survived the quest

  • Q3

    Which quote shows Spaz's is grateful and humble for the help he had getting Bean to Eden?

    "He is obviously zoomed, but I don't have the heart to tell him so."

    "You risked your life for a fair maiden, and now she lives."

    "Suddenly I feel really bad about being so borked off with the proovs."

    "But the proovs saved her, not me...And besides, it was your idea to come to Eden."

  • Q4

    Which word is NOT a tone Spaz displays at the time of Bean's recovery?

    Relieved that Bean has survived

    Grateful for the proovs' help

    Guilty for being angry at the proovs

    Angry at the proovs for forgetting the cure

  • Q5

    The imagery shows Ryter hugging Spaz with "his spindly arms." Normally, Spaz would be annoyed by this behavior. Which one of these NOT true in terms of what the imagery reveals about Spaz?

    He has learned to barely tolerate the old man.

    He has learned to respect Ryter as a teacher and mentor.

    He is grateful Ryter knows about traveling the Pipe.

    He realizes that Ryter is tougher and smarter than he thought.

  • Q6

    The mood shifts at the end of the chapter.  What causes the mood to shift from joy to facing a harsh reality?

    Jin and Bree tell Spaz he has to take Bean back very soon.

    Bean knows she has to leave Eden and wil only enjoy the grass and trees for a short time.

    Bean will be allowed to stay, but Spaz, Ryter, and Little Face have to leave. 

  • Q7

    What is Bean's tone:  "Because we can't stay here.  Can we?  When I'm better, you'll send us back.  Back to the gray concrete and the acid rain and the latch gangs."?





  • Q8

    Why is this chapter particularly disheartening for the readers?

    Bean is too weak to leave Eden.

    Lanaya will be punished for bringing Bean to Eden.

    Spaz may never see Bean again after leaving Eden.

    They know it is difficult to lose the beauty of the world after seeing it for the first time.

  • Q9

    How does the imagery support the symbolism of Eden?

    The blue skies, green grass, and modern homes really make it seem like a paradise compared to the latches. 

    Eden is too good to be true.  It is not as great a Spaz thought.

    Normals can't understand the differences between the latches and Eden.

  • Q10

    Sometimes Paradise is not as perfect as one thinks.  What is an ironic twist on the perfect world of Eden?

    Not every lives in a house as fancy as Lanaya's.

    Someone there makes the mindprobes to weaken and control the people in the latches.

    Not a single proov cares about normals.

    They have forgotten the cure for some human illnesses.

  • Q11

    What one detail about Eden BEST proves Vida Bleek's statement that only Eden has the technology for mind probes?

    They have advanced technology that allows them to see and visit different worlds.

    They don't like letting normals into Eden.

    They have charged air around Eden to protect them from smog.

    They have land mines in the Forbidden Zone.

  • Q12

    Which of the following in NOT a theme one can learn from this chapter about Eden.

    Perfection is not real; it can never be truly achieved.

    The world is flawed because people are flawed. 

    Society is structured by the "haves" doing anything they can to gain power over the "have-nots." 

    Safety does not come at a cost.


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