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Latin American exam reteach

Quiz by Holly Ray

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    Modern day Mexico City was originally
  • Q2
    The Aztecs were located in
    the Valley of Mexico
  • Q3
    The Mayans were located in
    the Yucatan Peninsula
  • Q4
    The Inca were located in
    the Andes Mountains
  • Q5
    The Spanish language is the most commonly spoken language in Latin America because of
    Spanish colonization, another example of cultural diffusion
  • Q6
    Roman Catholicism is the primary religion in Latin America due to
    Spanish conquistadors bringing priests during their colonization-cultural diffusion
  • Q7
    Brazil speaks Portuguese due to
    colonization by Portugal-cultural diffusion
  • Q8
    The Aztecs lived on Lake Texcoco because
    it kept them safe from enemies and was centrally located in mexico
  • Q9
    Urban cities are growing in Latin America due to
    people leaving the rural areas to escape poverty
  • Q10
    Latin America shares which two cultural characteristics from Europe?
    the languages and religion of the Spanish and Portuguese colonizers
  • Q11
    Most densely (heavily) populated cities are located where in Latin America?
    Along the coast for easy access to trade
  • Q12
    Europeans taking cocoa from the Aztecs back to Europe was part of
    The Columbian Exchange, a great example of cultural diffusion
  • Q13
    Culture diffusion can be defined as
    when one culture takes part of their culture and spreads it to another culture leaving a lasting impact
  • Q14
    If my government runs every part of the economy, the goods, banks, production, my country's economy is a
    command economy, and my leader makes all the choices for me as a citizen
  • Q15
    If the banks in my country are NOT controlled by the government, and the citizens can own private property and can make all choices of what they want to buy and produce, my country's economy is a
    free market economy

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