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Laying the Proper Foundation

Quiz by Nadir Ahmad

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    the process of explaining the information that has been selected and organized.
  • Q2
    intrapersonal communication
    to assess your thoughts, feelings, and reactions; speaking to oneself; the ability to conduct dialogue with yourself
  • Q3
    Interpersonal communication
    takes place when messages are transmitted between two or more people. It is one-on-one communication
  • Q4
    Oratory or rhetoric
    the art or study of public speaking
  • Q5
    a person who delivers oratory and uses words effectively.
  • Q6
    Logical appeal
    when you provide your audience both with sequence and analysis in your organization and factual evidence to prove your point.
  • Q7
    Ethical or personal appeal
    when you show your audience that you have a natural honesty about you, a strong constitution about right and wrong, and a no compromise approach to values.
  • Q8
    a conversation between actors, two persons, or groups.
  • Q9
    the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. an active process of giving meaning to information you receive from your senses.
  • Q10
    Value structure foundation
    the foundation upon which your values or ethics are built or supported.
  • Q11
    There are three essential elements of your value structure foundation. Choose the correct one from the list.
    building a strong argument
    researching your topic well
    communicating constructively
    giving good eye contact

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