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Leadership at home

Quiz by David Neuman

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  • Q1
    Chanel knows that if she wants leader other people, she has to be a self-leader first. Which of the following options is the best way for Chanel to start becoming a self-leader?
    Setting a goal to get straight A's this semester
    Setting a goal to watch all five seasons of The Wire
    Taking more selfies than anybody else at her school
  • Q2
    Part of being a good leader is knowing how to be a good follower. Which of these options is the best example of being a good follower at home?
    Cleaning the pool
    Getting an "A" on your German test
    A) Following your older brother around, repeating everything he says
  • Q3
    Beau is the oldest of nine kids. Which of the following ways is the best way for Beau to be a good role model for his brothers Brad, Barry, Boston, and Blake, and his sisters Belinda, Beth, Beverly, and Benjellica?
    Helping his mom make her world famous salmon brownies.
    Taking Boston and Benjellica to fencing practice.
    Obeying curfew.
    Can't fool me, Shmoop. These are all rad ways for Beau to set a good example.
  • Q4
    No matter how you slice it, Mom and Dad are the leaders of your house. If you guys were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they'd be Splinter, and you and your siblings would be Leonard, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael. If your folks are large and in charge, that means you need to show some respect. Which of the following options is the best way to do that?
    Keeping up with all of your chores
    Walking ten feet behind them when you go to Target
    Living in the sewers B) Keeping up wit

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