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Leadership Skills and Styles - Homework

Quiz by Curt Hitchens

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    Define leadership.
    Using a vision and goals to take a company's employees in a particular direction
    Being in charge and making decisions without communicating with employees
  • Q2
    What are three roles that leaders play within a business?
    Creating a Vision, Keeping Goals in SIght, and Inspiring Employees to Achieve Goals
    Focusing on Specific Tasks, Making All of the Decisions, Supervising Employees
  • Q3
    Identify four qualities that effective leaders must possess.
    Organization, Planning, Record Keeping, Scheduling
    Motivation, Confidence, Communication Skills, and Integrity
  • Q4
    Define Motivation.
    The ability to inspire others to achieve goals or do things they didn't think they could do
    Using your authority to intimidate employees into completing tasks
  • Q5
    What are the three components of motivation?
    Supervising Others, Being Autocratic, Telling People What to Do
    Motivating Others, Taking Initiative, and Having Goals
  • Q6
    Define self confidence.
    Knowing what to do and taking the appropriate actions
    Not taking responsibility for a decision that turned out to be wrong
  • Q7
    Define the term human relations (human resources).
    Observing employee interactions and working to improve communication
    Mentoring employees and helping to make them move productive
  • Q8
    What does it mean to show integrity?
    Being honest, loyal, fair, and willing to set a good example for others
    Doing whatever it takes to make a bigger profit
  • Q9
    What are the three styles of leadership that are most commonly used
    Hands Off, Delegated, Self Managed,
    Autocratic, Democratic, and Free Rein
  • Q10
    Describe an autocratic leader.
    Someone that makes all of the decisions without consulting with other employees
    Someone that doesn't feel that need to constantly supervise employees
  • Q11
    Describe a democratic leader.
    Someone who works with employees to discuss situations, listen to ideas, and make decisions
    Someone who assumes that employees don't have useful suggestions to contribute
  • Q12
    Describe a free rein leader.
    Someone who sets goals and gives their employees enough independence to go get the job done
    Someone who lacks trust and confidence in their employees' abilities
  • Q13
    What does it mean to delegate?
    Asking employees to complete certain tasks, but not being available to answer questions and solve problems
    Giving employees power, responsibilities, and the ability to make decisions
  • Q14
    What is a self managed team?
    work groups that supervise themselves and are motivated to work towards a shared goal
    a group of employees that won't participate, cooperate, and learn to solve their own problems

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