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Leadership Vision

Quiz by Matthieu Veryser

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    How many families will be set up within the area Risk & Competitiveness
    Just one
    4 families
    We are one big family
  • Q2
    How do we design our business lending journeys?
    Depends, BE and NL are to different to merge into 1 business lending journey
    We want to build the easiest, fastest and most predicable business lending journey in the market
    Always tailor made based on specific needs of our customer
  • Q3
    We will differentiate on:
    Best in class products
    Customer experience
    Lowest prices
  • Q4
    What are the 3 key challenges for our tribe?
    Decom of Kreta and Lassy, be a safe & compliant bank & improve our RoE
    Digitise our lending journeys, be a safe & compliant bank & improve our income
    Digitise our lending journeys, be a safe & compliant bank and improve our RoE
  • Q5
    For Business Lending the Unite ‘decoupled approach’ implies:
    That NL and BE teams will work separately on different target journeys
    That we will have to connect BLEND as well to NL as to BE fulfilment systems
    That we will have different target systems for NL and BE
  • Q6
    What does this new approach implies with respect to Profile roll-out:
    Profile is contained in NL
    Profile 8 will be the new target fulfilment system for Unite
    No Profile roll-out in BE for the next 3-5 years
  • Q7
    We will have a common NL + BE fulfilment system for Business Lending in:
    I don't know, ask Filip Queeckers

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