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Learning Task 6:How to Easily Get Soft, Healthy Hands & Feet at Home

Quiz by Diana Delos Santos

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  • Q1
    What do you call the set of activities given by the salon technician to their customer after the service such as hand massage?
    quality service protocols
    quality measures
    post guided activity
    after service maintenance program
  • Q2
    What nail care supply is commonly used to protect skin from direct sunlight?
    paraffin wax
  • Q3
    The maintenance practice you need to do in a dry skin is______________?
    treat hand with ointment
    cover hand with rubber gloves
    wash hand daily
    apply moisturizing cream
  • Q4
    Which of the following is NOT good for maintenance program after any nail care service?
    exfoliate your hand weekly
    doing chores with no gloves at all
    treat hands with a mask weekly
    moisturize your hands
  • Q5
    How often you should use sunscreen to protect your hand from direct heat?
    every other day
    when needed
    once a week

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