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Lesson 36 Warm Up - Dilations (Lesson 35)

Quiz by Marc Coffie

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the first step in finding the equation of a dilated line?

    Plug the coordinates of the center of dilation into the given line equation. 

    Find the slope of a line parallel to the given line equation.

    Find the slope of a line perpendicular to the given line equation.

    Rewrite the given line equation in slope intercept (y = mx + b) form.

  • Q2
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  • Q3
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  • Q4
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  • Q5

    From #9 on the Homework:

    Triangle ABC and point D(-2,2) are graphed on the set of axes below. Graph and label △A'B'C', the image of △ABC, aftera dilation of scale factor 2 centered at point D.

    Which of the following is the correct coordinates of one of the vertices of △A'B'C'?

    Question Image

    A' (1, 1)

    C' (3, -4)

    D' (-6, -1)

    B' (6, 8)


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