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  • Q1

     – is a medium used for the transfer of data from one DCE to another



    Transmission Media

  • Q2

     - It is the physical path between transmitter and receiver in a 

     communication network. 

    ​Transmission Media

  • Q3

    are materials capable of carrying one or more signals

    Transmission Media

  • Q4

    – is amount of data that can travel over channel


  • Q5

     – wire, cable and other tangible materials used to send

     communications signals

    Wire/Physical Transmission Media

  • Q6

     – is used for telephone systems and network cabling

    Twisted-pair Cable

  • Q7

     – the most popular and generally the best option

    Unshielded-Twisted Pair (UTP)

  • Q8

     – can help to extend the maximum distance of the


    Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Cable

  • Q9

     – consist of a hollow copper cylinder or cylindrical conductor

     surrounding a single wire conductor. The space between the

     cylindrical shell and the inner conductor is filled with an insulator.

     - is often used for cable television wiring

    Coaxial Cable

  • Q10

     - referred to as thinnet. 10Base2 refers to the specifications for

     thin coaxial cable carrying Ethernet signals.

    Thin coaxial cable

  • Q11

     – capable of carrying significantly more data at faster speeds than wire


     - less susceptible to interference (noise) and, therefore more secure

     - smaller size (thinner and lighter)

     - cable is made of pure glass drawn into very thin fiber to form a core.

    Fiber Optics

  • Q12

     – used when inconvenient, impractical or impossible to

     install cables.

    Wireless Transmission Media


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