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Lesson 5: (CLEFT SENTENCES) Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences

Quiz by nguyen trang

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    ________I bought the golden fish.
    It was this shop that
    It was from this shop that
    It was this shop which
    I was from this shop where
  • Q2
    It was Tom _______ to help us.
    to come
    that comes
    that came
  • Q3
    _______the police had rescued from the fire.
    The baby that
    It is the baby whom
    It was the baby whom
    The baby
  • Q4
    _______ my parents gave me the fish tank.
    It was on my birthday that
    It was my birthday on that
    It was on my birthday when
    It was my birthday that
  • Q5
    _______ I first met my girlfriend.
    It was in London where
    It was in London that
    It was London that
    It was London which
  • Q6
    _______ on the phone.
    It is his mother whom is
    It is his mother who is
    It was his mother who is
    It was his mother whom is
  • Q7
    _______ a high level of blood cholesterol.
    Those are eggs it contains
    It is eggs that contain
    It is eggs that contains
    It is eggs contain
  • Q8
    _______England won the World Cup.
    It was in 1966 that
    It was on 1966 that
    It was 1966 in that
    It was in 1966 when
  • Q9
    It was me _______ a lot of toys by my father.
    that gave
    that were given
    who giving
    that was given
  • Q10
    It was_______ my father bought a new car.
    last Sunday when
    last Sunday that
    that last Sunday
    last Sunday which

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