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Lesson 5 The Birchbark House


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20 questions
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  • Q1

    Summarize (Summarization) Summary =

    The short version of the main/central idea

  • Q2

    Chunking =

    Pulling the important information ONE PARAGRAPH at a time , you pull information from the Beginning, Middle, and End

  • Q3

    B.M.E. (Chunking)

    Pulling important information from the Beginning, Middle, and End

  • Q4

    Nomads =

    Native Americans who MOVE/Migrate because of low/little FOOD, WATER, BAD CLIMATE, LAND IS NOT GOOD FOR GROWING CROPS

  • Q5

    Reasons why Native Americans Migrate/become Nomads

    Not Enough FOOD and Water, Land is dry and hard to grow crops, Climate is bad for living and growing food. 

  • Q6

    Plain Indians hunt this animal the....


  • Q7

    True or False? Plain Indians are nomads

    True! Plain Indians are nomads

    False! They are not nomads

  • Q8

    True or False? The Climate is very nice in the Great Plains where the Plain Indians settle

    False! The Climate/Weather is very cold and very hot at times. 

  • Q9

    The Plain Indians hunt the buffalo because....

    There are millions of them, the buffalo is good to eat and rich in protein, and they are not smart so they are easier to kill.

  • Q10

    True or False? Plain Indians live in Teepees so that it is easier to migrate and move.

    True! The Plain Indians lived in Teepees so that it is easier to move 

  • Q11

    To Adapt =

    To grow, to change, to become better

  • Q12

    Native Americans ADAPTED to create better

    Weapons, Houses, Shelters, Hunting Skills, Farming

  • Q13

    Native Americans used Buffalo for

    The skin/hide to wrap their teepees, the skin/hide to make rope, the skin/hide to make clothes

  • Q14

    "Pale-Skinned Men" are the

    Europeans from the Old World Europe

  • Q15

    Native Americans and the Pale Skinned Men began to______



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