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Lesson 7: A special gift from Grandma

Quiz by Mrs.Hina Masood

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  • Q1
    How do you think the divers felt before they went diving for pearls?
    excited, nervous and scared.
    they feel angry
  • Q2
    Why isn’t pearl diving as popular now as it was in the past?
    It was dangerous, so people stopped doing it when other jobs became available
    It was too boring
  • Q3
    What did Karima’s grandmother mean when she said “pearl diving is part of our heritage”?
    It is not an important part of heritage
    It was socially and economically important for many years - and the skills were handed down from generation to generation.
  • Q4
    When and why do people perform this dance?
    Question Image
    People in the Emirates perform this dance in celebrations. It could be during weddings or official celebrations. It symbolises honour, courage, pride and other virtues.
    it is done when someone die
  • Q5
    How old is it?
    Question Image
    It is a very old dance that people learn from their ancestors.
    It is a new type of dance
  • Q6
    Is this dance tangible or intangible heritage of UAE?
    Question Image
    It is an intangible heritage because it is something we perform and cannot touch.
    It is an tangible heritage because it is something we can touch.
  • Q7
    Which part of pearl fishing is TANGIBLE heritage?
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
  • Q8
    Which part of pearl fishing is INTANGIBLE heritage?
    Answer Image
    Answer Image

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