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Levels of Government

Quiz by Tanya Thomas

Grade 3
Social Studies
Georgia Standards of Excellence

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    What document decides how the powers of government are shared?
    a pizza coupon
    A birth certificate
    a lottery ticket
    The Constitution
  • Q2
    Why did the founders of the United States want a good government?
    They knew the people would cause problems and fight without a good government.
    They wanted to be the best in the world.
    They wanted to do whatever they wanted to do.
    They knew there was a need for a strong central government, and they didn't want one group to have all of the power.
  • Q3
    How many levels of government are there?
  • Q4
    What does the "checks and balances" do?
    It makes sure that stores are not robbed.
    It makes sure that all people get their licenses.
    It makes sure that all the people donate money to the poor.
    It makes sure that no one level has all the power.
  • Q5
    Where do the powers of the national government come from?
    The powers of the national government come from the United States Constitution.
    The powers come from the electric company.
    The powers come from the sunshine.
    The powers come from the people in our country.
  • Q6
    What are the three branches of government?
    executive, judicial, and legislative
    mayor, governor, and president
    city, state, and country
    students, teachers, principals
  • Q7
    Which level of government makes money?
    The State government
    The copy machine
    The local government
    The National government
  • Q8
    Which branch of the national government does the president lead?
    the executive branch
    the legislative branch
    the tree branch
    the judicial branch
  • Q9
    Which government is responsible for helping education?
    the national government
    the school government
    the state government
    the local government
  • Q10
    Who is elected to lead the state government?
    the mayor
    the governor
    the Preacher
    the President
  • Q11
    What is the U.S. Constitution called?
    the rules of the land
    the "truth"
    the "supreme law of the land"
    the "law that nobody can change"

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