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LH Chapter 20 FL Manual

Quiz by Brian Morton

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the follow statements pertaining to Medicare is CORRECT?
    Bob is covered under Medicare Part B. He submitted a total of $1,100 of approved medical changes to Medicare after paying the required deductible. Of that total, Bob must pay $880
    For the first 90 days of hospitalization, Medicare Part A pays 100% of all covered services, except for an initial deductible
    Medicare Part A is automatically provided when a qualified individual applies for Social Security benefits
    Each individual covered by Medicare Part A is allowed one 90-day benefit period per year
  • Q2
    Under Medicare Part B, the participant must pay all of the following EXCEPT
    An annual deductible
    A monthly premium
    A per benefit deductible
    20% of covered charges above the deductible
  • Q3
    Which of the following about Medicare Part B is NOT correct?
    It is financed by tax revenues
    It covers services and supplies not covered by Part A
    It is a compulsory program
    It is financed by monthly premiums
  • Q4
    For how many days of skilled nursing facility care will Medicare pay benefits?

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