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Licensing Exam Questions for Hydrotherapy

Quiz by Kevin Beaugh

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  • Q1
    The terms below refer to properties of water that make hydrotherapy valuable to a variety of patient populations. Match the following terms with the statement that best relates to each term. 1. Viscosity 2. Buoyancy 3. Relative density 4. Hydrostatic pressure a. This property can assist in prevention of blood pooling in the lower extremities of a patient in the pool above waist level b. This property makes it harder to walk faster through water c. A person with a high amount of body fat can float more easily than a lean person because of this property d. This property makes it easier to move a body part to the surface of the water and harder to move a body part away from the surface
    Question Image
    1-a, 2-c, 2-b, 4-d
    1-b, 2-d, 3-c, 4-a
    1-c, 2-b, 3-a, 4-d
    1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a
  • Q2
    An athlete with chronic Achilles tendinitis has just finished an intense workout. There is no edema or warmth at the Achilles tendon. He has used heat modalities in the past to control his pain after workouts. Which of the following would be an incorrect method of heat application for this athlete immediately after his workout?
    Question Image
    Hot pack
    Warm whirlpool to the ankle only
    Full-body immersion in a hot whirlpool
  • Q3
    A patient arrives at an outpatient clinic with an order from a physician for whirlpool and wound care to a lower extremity wound. The PTA decides to set the temperature in the whirlpool. Which of the following setting is appropriate?
    Question Image
    49 deg C
    35.5 deg C
    27.5 deg C
    60 deg C
  • Q4
    A PTA is setting up a portable whirlpool unit in the room of a severely immobile patient. What is the most important task of the assistant before the patient is placed in the whirlpool?
    Question Image
    Obtain the appropriate assistance to perform the transfer
    Check for a ground fault circuit interruption outlet
    Check to make sure the water temperature is below 110 deg F
    Make sure the whirlpool agitator is immersed in the water
  • Q5
    A patient rehabilitating from a lower extremity injury is referred to physical therapy for hydrotherapy treatments. The physical therapist assistant would like the patient to fully extend the involved lower extremity while sitting in the hydrotherapy tank. Which type of whirlpool would NOT allow the patient to extend the involved lower extremity?
    Question Image
    Lowboy tank
    Hubbard tank
    Walk tank
    Highboy tank

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