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Life in the Oceans: Dividing the Seas

Quiz by Carolyn

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  • Q1
    What does it mean when to book says, "In truth, there is only one ocean?"
    There are really four oceans
    All of the bodies of water really make one big ocean
    They should have given them all one name
    the Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean
  • Q2
    Name the oceans.
    Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Artic
    lakes, streams, rivers, and brooks
    Bay, Gulf, Indian, and Artic
  • Q3
    According, the text facts, the Atlantic is growing the Pacific is shrinking. What does that indicate (tell) us about the land?
    The ocean water is evaporating.
    Some of the continents are being covered by the ocean while other continents are being uncovered.
    Some continents won't have any water to drink.
    Some of the continents are turning into mountains.
  • Q4
    Which bullet in the information text provides the best example of what might happen if the oceans keep changing.
    Bullet 3
    Bullet 4
    Bullet 1
    Bullet 2
  • Q5
    After reading the text box information, what is one of the most important parts of the ocean
    coral reef
  • Q6
    What is being compared in the caption
    coral reefss and rainforests
    Bays and Gulfs
    Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean
    Oceans and Seas

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