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Life skills math questions

Quiz by Matthew Johnson

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  • Q1
    If a shop offers a 20% discount on a shirt that costs $50, how much will the shirt cost after the discount?
  • Q2
    Sandy earns $15 per hour at her part-time job. If she works for 20 hours in a week, how much money will she earn?
  • Q3
    A recipe requires 2 cups of flour to make 12 cookies. How many cups of flour would be needed to make 36 cookies?
    10 cups
    6 cups
    4 cups
    8 cups
  • Q4
    John is going on a road trip and needs to drive 240 miles. If he drives at a speed of 60 miles per hour, how long will it take him to reach his destination?
    6 hours
    2 hours
    8 hours
    4 hours
  • Q5
    A recipe calls for 3 cups of sugar to make 24 cookies. How many cups of sugar would be needed to make 48 cookies?
    6 cups
    3 cups
    9 cups
    12 cups
  • Q6
    Liam is planning to repaint his room. The room measures 12 feet by 10 feet and has a height of 8 feet. If one gallon of paint covers 350 square feet, how many gallons of paint will Liam need?
    6 gallons
    8 gallons
    4 gallons
    2 gallons
  • Q7
    Emma is planning to buy a new car that costs $25,000. If she decides to finance it with a 5-year loan at an annual interest rate of 4%, what will her monthly payment be? (Assuming no down payment or additional fees)
  • Q8
    A recipe calls for 2 cups of milk for 10 pancakes. If you want to make 20 pancakes, how many cups of milk would you need?
    4 cups
    8 cups
    6 cups
    2 cups
  • Q9
    A bag of apples costs $8. If each apple costs $0.40, how many apples are in the bag?
    10 apples
    20 apples
    15 apples
    25 apples
  • Q10
    Samantha wants to buy a new laptop that costs $1200. She saved $800 already. How much more money does Samantha need to save to buy the laptop?

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