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Light and Shadow

Quiz by William Hornickel

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Light that comes direct from the source without any interference or interruption, usually from one source direction is called
    Question Image
    Hard Direct Light
  • Q2
    What is nature's way of transferring energy through space?
    Question Image
  • Q3
    These shadows have sharp, hard lines where there is a distinct contrast between light and dark. We call them what?
    Question Image
    Hard Shadows
  • Q4
    Sunlight on a cloudy, overcast day; direct artificial light that is reflected; studio lights covered with a cloth or screen filter. These are examples of...
    Question Image
    Diffused Light
  • Q5
    What are the four elements that make up every photograph?
    Question Image
    Light, Space, Time, and Emotion
  • Q6
    Shadows created by an indirect light source or diffused light. These are called what?
    Question Image
    Soft Shadows
  • Q7
    What is a "digital darkroom"?
    Question Image
    A Computer
  • Q8
    The individual image tiles that, when combined together, make up an image are called what?
    Question Image
  • Q9
    The number of pixels in a specified area is called what?
    Question Image
    Bit Rate
  • Q10
    The smallest unit of digital measurement…it is either a 1 or a 0...and it is called a what?
    Question Image
  • Q11
    An organized series of steps that will make your digital image work simpler, more efficient, and give the best image quality is called...
  • Q12
    Saving your image files in a way so that they can be found and retrieved in the future for usage or viewing. This includes creating folders, labeling, and managing storage devices. This is also the last step in the workflow process.
  • Q13
    The grid lines in the photo are referred to as the what?
    Question Image
    Rule of Thirds
  • Q14
    Is the Rule of Thirds an absolute rule?
    no...just an option
  • Q15
    Where will the camera be located in relationship to the subject, the surroundings, the dominate light source, and secondary subjects is all a part of what?
    Camera Placement

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